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Frequently asked questions

Contest Related

What are the dates of the contest ?

The registrations are open from 2nd October, 2021 till 24th January, 2022

When will the results of the contest be announced ?

The pre-screening results of the contest will be conveyed to participants before 30th January,2022 via email, while the entries making it to TOP 10 will be invited to the Saiyam Short Film Screening Event to be held on 12th February,2022

What is the theme of the contest ?

The central theme of the contest is "Awareness of Anti-Addiction". The film entry should be conveying the message about the importance of Anti-Addiction awareness in communities.

Where can one check the Rules of the contest ?

One can find all the Rules and guidelines for the contest by logging in www.saiyampune.com and scrolling down to the ‘Rules’ section.

Can one person register for both criterias i.e. 90 sec & 10 Minutes?

Yes, one person can register for both criterias i.e. 90 sec & 10 Minutes but they have to register separately for each criteria with respective fees.

Can one candidate take part in more than one registered group?

No, if a person is participating in one group of the contest, then he/she cannot participate in another registered group according to contest rules.

If I will make a film on Addiction or De-Addiction is it eligible as per the theme Anti Addiction of SSFF?

The central theme of the contest is Anti-Addiction, you are free to portray your concept which gives the message out of awareness around addiction and how one can avoid it to lead a better life.

What is the group size limited to?

We do not have any limitations on the group size of the contestant. One can also apply individually.

Registration Related

How can I register for the contest ?

You can register by simply logging on www.saiyampune.com and click on the register button, it should lead you to an Event-specific Google Form. You can fill in all the relevant information in the form and select the category you wish to compete in, after the registration amount is paid, you can click on submit the form.

How do I complete the payment process through the form ?

Follow the 3-Step Guide to Complete registration payment for Saiyam Short Film Contest. 1. Once you reach the payment section on the registration form, you shall see a QR Code on the screen with the title ‘Pay to Tarachand Ramnath Seva Trust’ , 2 Scan the QR Code via any BHIM/UPI app,complete the payment according to your selection category (Under 90 seconds - INR 99/ Under 10 minutes - INR 199 ) . 3.You will now have to upload the Screenshot of your payment completion in the ‘Upload image of payment’ button. Please note: the image should not be more than 2MB in size and should be in PDF / JPEG format only. Upon Uploading, now you will have to enter the Mobile number through which the payment was initialised.

I have registered for the contest but haven’t received any acknowledgement email yet ?

Typically, you should receive an acknowledgement email from our team within a few hours of your registration. In case, you do not receive any acknowledgement email in 24 hours after your registration, please write an email to saiyam.ssn@gmail.com with the subject ‘Acknowledgement upon Registration not received’ and add details of your entry in the email body for reference.

I need more information about each category of the contest, where can I find it ?

You can find a detailed description of each category on www.saiyampune.com by scrolling to the category section. You can also request for a Downloadable e-Brochure of the contest on saiyam.ssn@gmail.com which entails detailed information of the contest.

What if I am unable to pay the fees?

Payment of the registration fee is a mandatory step in the registration form, please reach out to our Helpline number in case of any issues with the payment process. However, due to any financial constraints if you are unable to pay the fees and wish to get a fee waiver, you can write a letter to saiyam.ssn@gmail.com , explaining your situation, after a cross-check of details, you might receive a fee waiver upon trust’s decision.

Why are you charging Registration fees?

The registration fee paid by the team at the time of the registration covers the costs of Certificates to be received by all participants, Jury and Judging, Pre-screening and Main Screening Event, wherein all participating teams will be invited. In case you can’t pay the fees, write to saiyam.ssn@gmail.com for a fee waiver. The team will guide you.

Film Related

How do I submit my film?

You will receive an email with the ‘film upload guidelines’ soon after you sign the agreement.

Can I send my film if it is shorter than the category time limit?

If you have registered for the "under 90 secs" category, then your film must finish within 90 seconds. If you have registered for the "under 10 mins" category then your film must be between 90 seconds (min) to 10 minutes (max). Visit www.saiyampune.com for more rules.

We are using the soundtrack/stock image/footage which is royalty free and non copyrighted. How to give credits in such a situation?

If you are using any royalty free soundtracks or non copyrighted stock images, you are supposed to give credit to that website/studio/person in your credits. ‘Saiyam’ will not be responsible for any issue, if it arises, If you are using any copyrighted soundtrack/image/footage etc.

What should be the resolution of my film?

Your film should be at a resolution of 1080 p

What should be the aspect ratio of my film?

The aspect ratio for all the films must be 16:9

Are we supposed to use any specific software for editing?

You can use any software for sound and video editing which gives the required result. However you must make sure the software renders your film in 1080 p

What should be the genre and language of my film?

The film can be made in any widely accepted film genre. Films can be made in Marathi/Hindi/English language. If you are using any other language, then you must have subtitles in ‘English’.

Is the censor certificate necessary for submitting the film?

The censor certificate is not required for this contest. If you feel any of your film content must be reviewed before the screening please write to us on our email saiyam.ssn@gmail.com

Can we send films that have been sent for other Contests/ Festivals?

Yes, there is no restriction for contestants to send their entries for SSFF, as long as it has been shot/made after 1st January 2019.

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